Monday, February 9, 2009

Airboats in the morning and gators in the back yard.

We moved away from C. B. Smith park and relocated a bit further north and west. Our commute is a smidge longer distance-wise, but about the same time-wise and a little less stressful since it is not quite such a crunch of traffic. We have moved to Everglades Holiday Park. It came to our attention via word of mouth and did not show up on an intenet search of RV parks in south Florida. Cool, as it is not terribly crowded, and will serve us well for the next few weeks until we pull out and go way over to the east side, almost to the water! :)

We pulled the fifth-wheel over last Sunday and set up quickly in the new space and spent some time wandering around our new digs. It is kind of fun to be mobile like this, as it is alway a new and fresh adventure when we get to explore a new part of town. We're already learning more of Florida than some folks who are locals!

So, we are at the new place. It is out on the very edge of the Everglades and we can walk a short distance and find Peacocks, airboats and Gators. Our big back window is perched right over the water and we watch the birds hunting, the small fish flipping as they search for bugs and have seen a couple of spectacular sunsets so far. We've been joking with others that the gators are right in our back yard! Well, not exactly...but we can walk to them, although they are caged.

The park does airboat rides 7 days a week all day long, I presume a lot of riders come on tours from the cruise ships in port, and the weekend gatherings of motorcycle riders. This seems to be an extremely popular spot for the 2-wheeled set. There is a store open 24 hours a day, a deli/cafe where you can get, yes, alligator nuggets and they rent small boats by the hour (which we will try out in the next couple of weeks). Since we are residents we get rides and rentals at a pretty good discount! The sky is dark and the moon and stars are bright here. There's next to no civilization for 90 miles to the west of us and there's little if any traffic noise at night. How nice :)

Of course, it has its compromises...we have to plan our stops at the grocery store on the way home from work and the nearest Starbucks is about 6 miles away (oh bother...). We are on well water out here, and it has a sulfur-dioxide component which smells bad. I read up on it, and it doesn't appear to cause any harm except maybe to magnesium anodes in your water heater, so we will put up with it for the next few weeks and use bottled water for coffee, tea and drinking.

The neighbors are nice and the park itself is actually pretty cool. Has the right balance of civility and remoteness for us.

If we do indeed meet a gator at our door, you'll be the first to know :)