Sunday, January 13, 2008

What else would you call a first post???

So ... how many people have made first post entries starting with 'well, this is our first post .. welcome to the blog..." ? Everyone ?? Well not me !! No sir ... (umm .. well .. hi .. welcome to the blog :)
Alright, I've always said that the best time to plant a tree was yesterday... but the next best time to plant a tree is today so here is our tree; planted and waiting to grow. I know, I know .. it will take nurturing and care and attention, but I think we can do that. The process is simple enough, and the availability of acces is exactly what I'd hoped for. So now we can begin to chronicle the adventure that is our life togethe, and what an adventure it has been so far.
I anticipate part blog, part newsletter, and part diary for our own use here since sometimes the days and weeks fly by so fast we can barely catch our breath. It will be a great tool for us to look back on our past entries, as simple as a movie night or as complicated and detailed as a great sailing trip or house renovation project. Robin and I will make the effort to post, and you'll have to make the effort to make sense out of the posts :)
Thanks for coming along!