Saturday, June 28, 2008

On Sale Now ...

Hey, I got a web page put up with the beginnings of the stuff that will be sold off down here. Go to our home page and click on the little "For Sale" sign.
I will do my best to keep it updated. Email or call if there's anything you find interesting and simply must have.
I'll be running some of this on eBay as well, so who knows how it'll all fall out.

It just won't all fit in the RV .. or on the boat :)

Webcam is back.

I was fooling around on the mid-shift last night (it's amazing the things you think of to do when it's 3:20 in the morning :) ) and I decided to see if I could resurrect the webcam from back at the wedding. Maybe it'll be fun to point it out the back window of the Fifth Wheel when we get the RV parked somewhere with a view. Maybe it'll be kind of cool to spy on someone if they come to take a tour of the house with a realtor (grin). Maybe I'll will just point it out a window and watch the neighbor dog from time to time... who knows... There's no real point to it, only the idea that it might be fun, and that since we have the capability why not keep it availabe every now and then.
So last night I fired up the laptop and re-intalled the program and made the corrections to the web pages. So ... tadah!! .. it's back.
I'm predicting that'll it'll be running off and on for the next few months, if only becuase I'll try to keep it running for the next few months. But for now .. it's running ...

Move along now, ... nothing to see here ... just yet :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Our World ... for sale

This week marked the full settling back in after the vacation that was too short but nonetheless absolutely wonderful. The projects are still aplenty, but right at the ,o,emt we are relaxing just a bit because .. umm .. well, because we can. No one has made an offer or even a nibble on the house yet and we have until the 13th of July before we met with the other renters to finalize their move out of house number two across town. When that happens then we’ll take occupancy whilst we completely empty house one and start making house two ready for sale. It’s our hope to have the second house on the market by early August.
Meanwhile, back in New York, house three still sits vacant awaiting a couple of finishing touches on the property (final paint, outside clean-up, and a few odds-and-ends of maintenance. Then it’ll hit the market and we will be faced with figuring out the exact terms of the sale to accommodate brother Andy’s needs for deeded access and keeping the snowmobile trail open that runs across the field there. Ahhh.. the tangled web of family owned properties.

So … right now I’m busily scanning photos (over the four-thousand mark now) and am putting together a “for sale” list of furnishings, vehicles and electronics stuff that will all have to go before we pull the plug and cast off for Miami. I’ll be setting up a website page in the next few days entitled the “This-won’t-fit-on-the-boat sale” and will have pictures and descriptions and asking prices for all the stuff we’re going to liquidate. It’s another project, but at least I can do this a little chunk at a time and it’ll hopefully mean some free cash to help pay for the moving expenses.

I’m still adjusting to the sticker shock of buying diesel fuel and have been as reasonable careful about starting the truck’s engine as I can. It is a pricey beast to operate, and we are anxiously awaiting the delivery of the Fifth-Wheel in order to justify needing it. It’s a fun vehicle to drive, a well-mannered monster on the city streets and a way cool ride on the highway. I am very, very pleased with the Ford F-350 (this is not a paid endorsement ;) . Sticker shock at the pump notwithstanding, I’m certainly looking forward to our first road trip!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ohhh Mexico ...

We were here :
What a wonderful week of escape and relaxation!
We did a lot of the stuff you'd expect on a resort getaway .. read a few good books (The Kite Runner was one of them) spent some time on the beach, spent some time at the pool, spent some time eating and had our fair share of Corona :)
The sun simply wouldn't make a big showing for us ... for 5 days it remained mostly overcast and even 'cool' by pervious standards (mid 80's) so we spent a little less time worrying about frying ourselves to a crisp and got to a lit of non-activities albeit we did manage to get to the gym once for a good workout and spent two days hiking around the area and even up to the old lighthouse. We came up with four Geocaches on our journeys and got a better feel for where the locals might hang out once we got off the tourist path.
The airplane flights were all nominal with the exception of the return connection through PHX. The layover was just a smidge over an hour, which is kind of tight for international connections anyway but made tighter by a late departure from Mazatlan (it was just a backup computer). At any rate, we did make our connection thanks to a departure delay at PHX as well and got home weary and with a small load of dirty clothes, but oh .. it was nice to shed the demands of our projects and work for a week.
I shall post pictures and videos on Webshots (look for Sunshineduo) in the next coouple of days.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

It's For Sale

OK, all that we were working for came to a head sort of when the Far Sale sign got stuck in the lawn this afternoon. We still have tons of behind-the-scenes stuff to do before we could conceive of actually moving out, but if you come visit the place it looks pretty darn good if I do say so myself.

Here's the Listing .... Tell all your friends :)

Robin and I are taking a week off now ... well deserved and very much needed.